CLASSIC Wool Dusters

Our “Classic” Dusters are made of premium-tipped lambswool and come complete with a solid hardwood handle for added strength and natural appeal. The hand-tied leather hang strap with an attractive hangtag provides a unique visual merchandising technique for retail display.

8" Lambswool Duster - Model #D08

10" Lambswool Duster - Model #D10

18" Lambswool Duster - Model #D18

24" Lambswool Duster - Model #D24

The natural look of wool and wood makes our Classic Duster an enticing choice for retail customers, thoughtfully-made in a myriad of sizes.

48" Lambswool Duster - Model #D48

36" Lambswool Duster - Model #D36

Thousands of soft, dense lambswool fibers act as a magnet to naturally attract and hold dust particles without the use of cleaning chemicals.

36" Wooly Wand - Model #D50

(Great for refrigerator coils & tight, narrow cleaning)


classic dusters

5" Multi-Use Duster - Model #D51
Made of 1" premium wool, our Multi-Use Duster is specially designed to clean grooves in furniture, computer keyboards, vents, and louvres.

classic dusters

Dust Mitt - Model #WSC53
Our dust mitt is made of incredibly soft, dust-busting lambswool to gently dust the most delicate of surfaces.

Duster Prepack #D01

(4)-Extender Handles

(1)-60" Floor Display with Header Card - $27 includes (4) FREE 10” Dusters

classic duster

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