Wool Floor Care Products

floor care

Our floor mops are specially-made of thousands of super-soft, dust-grabbing lambswool fibers to naturally attract and hold dust like a magnet. Wonderful for dusting hardwood floors, tile entryways, vinyl kitchen floors, and even walls and ceilings. Carefully sewn using durable, high-tensile thread and strong stitching to assure maximum durability and longevity.

22" Mega Mop - Model #LSM518
Thoughtfully-designed with an extra wide sweep to cover large surfaces in one pass. Convenient slip-in pocket to allow mop part to be quickly removed from the frame for easy replacement.
(complete set includes Model #’s LSM518/R, FR518, STH50)

Wedge Mop - Model #D58
Handmade of soft, luxurious lambswool and comes complete with a solid 48" lacquered hardwood handle with pivoting head for greater cleaning flexibility.
(complete set includes Model #’s D52, FRD58, WH48)

Wool Floor Care Products


  1. Wedge Mop Refill
    Model #D52

  2. Replacement Frame for Wedge Mop
    Model #FRD58

  3. Mega Mop Refill
    Model #LSM518/R

  4. Replacement Frame for Mega Mop
    Model #FR518


Vac Bumper Guard - Model #VB-2
The ultra-soft lambswool acts as a buffer to protect walls and furniture. Conveniently made with heavy-duty, adhesive Backed Velcro for easy on/off application.
(One size fits all)

classic dusters
floor care

A. 100% Lambswool Applicator
with Hardwood Block

Does not include handle. Recommended handle - Model # WH48

(Please refer to price sheet for model numbers and pricing.)

B. & C. Applicator Pads & Buffing Bonnets
Made of premium-quality 3/4" thick lambskins for optimal performance. Great for finishing hardwood, tile or marble floors.

(Please refer to price sheet for model numbers and pricing.)

floor care
floor care

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