Cleaning Products

Cleaning cloths for virtually any chore. Millions of tiny microfibers reach deep into surface pores to grab and hold dirt, dust and grime that traditional cleaning cloths leave behind.

  • Soft, non-scratch microfiber cloths.
  • Reduces bacteria, allergens and mold.
  • Environmentally friendly - no cleaning chemicals required.
  • Machine washable.


Kitchen and
Bath Cloth

Polishing Cloth

Glass and
Mirror Cloth

• Dusting • Kitchen & Bath
• Furniture Polishing • Glass & Mirror

Window Blind Duster #HB425

  • Microfiber sleeves quickly attract and hold dust.
  • Cleans top & bottom surfaces of blinds at the same time.
  • Special slip-on sleeve design makes it quick and convenient to remove for laundering.

Hand Duster #HB444

  • Non-slip, comfortable grip.
  • Cleans without chemicals
  • Perfect for almost any household task.

Chenille Mitt #HB469

  • Elastic wristband for secure and comfortability.
  • Soft, non-scratch microfiber cleans any surface.
  • Wet or dry, super tiny fibers grab and hold dust.
  • Reduces bacteria and allergens.
  • Cleans without chemicals.

Flat Floor Mop #HB635

  • Removes and traps stubborn dirt.
  • Anti-bacterial solution prevents growth of germs and bacteria.
  • Electrostatic action attracts dirt.
  • Ideal for hardwood and most other surfaces.
  • Easy refill replacement.

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