Telescopic Wool Dusters

telescopic dusters

Our telescopic dusters are the answer to all of your hard-to-reach dusting needs! The specially-designed pivoting feature lets you quickly and easily dust areas at almost any angle which were once too difficult to reach. With a simple twist of the wrist the rigid telescopic handle easily adjusts to the desired dusting length, or simply unscrew the wool duster attachment from the handle and it quickly transforms into a handy, hand duster for smaller jobs.

  1. 6.5' Telescopic Value Duster
    Model # TAD78

    Extends from 4'5" to 6'5"
    (complete set includes Model #'s TPS, AC78, TWDHO)

  2. 9' Telescopic Duster
    Model # MGR9F

    Extends from 4' 11" to 9' 8"
    (complete set includes Model #’s TPA8, AC78, TWDHO)

  3. 13' Telescopic Duster
    Model # MGR13F

    Extends from 6' 3" to 13' 8"
    (complete set includes Model #’s TPA12, AC78, TWDHO)

  4. 25' Telescopic Duster
    Model # MGR25F

    Extends from 8' 5" to 25' 8"
    (complete set includes Model #’s TPA24, AC78, TWDHO)

All models come complete with a telescopic handle, angle connector and telescopic wool head.

Telescopic Wool Dusters


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  1. Telescopic Pole (steel)
    Model #TPS

    Extends from 33" to 59"

  2. 8' Telescopic Pole (aluminum)
    Model #TPA8

    Extends from 3' 3" to 8'

  3. 12' Telescopic Pole (aluminum)
    Model #TPA12

    Extends from 4' 7" to 12'

  4. 24' Telescopic Pole (aluminum)
    Model #TPA24

    Extends from 6' 9" to 24'

  5. Telescopic Wool Refill
    Model #TWDH0

    Extends from 6' 9" to 24'

  6. Angle Connector
    Model #AC78

    Extends from 6' 9" to 24'

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telescopic dustersF


classic dusters

Duster Care Shampoo - Model #D56
A special "lanolin enriched" formula used for hand washing your Wool Shop Lambswool Duster if it becomes excessively soiled. 4 oz.

classic dusters

Duster Care Brush - Model #DB4
Designed to help restore the duster to its original shape & maximum dust-collecting ability.

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