the shortest of the collection of telescopic dusters, this 6.5 foot duster come with the steel pole and a lambswool duster head
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6.5′ Telescopic Angle Duster


Super-handy and a great value, this convenient telescopic duster goes from 4’5″ to 6. It’s perfect when you need just a little bit more reach to get that pesky cobweb or to easily reach cove moldings or the tops of window casings. The complete assembly includes product: #TPS, #AC78, and #TWDHO.

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  1. Iris

    I love this duster. It effectively picks up dust. I can dust high and low places with it. It is lightweight, which is important to me because a heavy pole would slow me down. I love that I can choose the angle of the head, so that I can dust high horizontal places, such as tops of cabinets and tops of tall bookcases. Unfortunately, it has 3 problems.
    1. The area where pole attaches to angle section keeps partially unscrewing while I’m dusting, which is annoying because it slows me down. I opted to put tape around it to keep it in place.
    2. The area where pole gets loose and turns while I’m dusting. That also slows me down, which is annoying. I opted to put tape around the area to keep it in place, but this would not work for someone who has higher places to dust than I do.
    3. It takes too long to unscrew and screw the lambswool head, to switch from high to low places & vice versa. I tried dusting all the high places around the house first and than the low places, but it that is a big time waster.
    If those 3 issues were fixed, it would be the perfect duster for me. I have been looking at some lambswool dusters online, which have a click-lock feature that makes it easy and fast to remove dusting head, to switch from high to low places and vices versa. Wool Shop, maybe you can redesign yours to have that feature?

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