Ceiling-Fan Wool Dusters

ceiling fan

close up of a wool ceiling fan duster cleaning one of the fan blades

Ceiling fan cleaning just got a lot easier. Get to the top and the bottom of it in one easy swipe with natural lambswool ceiling fan dusters from the Wool Shop. Designed to easily tackle those pesky dust collectors spinning over your room, the 6-foot extension handle and top-and-bottom, easy-clean dusting cylinders make cleaning ceiling fan blades a breeze. Perfect for home use, the replaceable wool cylinders also make them an ideal choice for heavy usage in commercial and janitorial cleaning applications.

Cleans the top and bottom of fan blades with one swipe!

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Ceiling Fan Duster is a complete duster that includes a 6-foot extended pole, metal frame and wool fan dusters. Wool cylinder refills and replacement frames are also available.

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