Telescopic Wool Dusters

telescopic wool

woman dusting a chandelier in an upscale lodge

Now you can reach those tough-to-dust high spots with our adjustable length telescopic wool dusters. Twist and extend the handle, twist again to lock and dust at any angle. The specially designed pivoting feature lets you quickly and easily dust areas at almost any angle. Simply unscrew the dusting head for a handy handheld duster to keep on dusting with one efficient tool. Fast and easy, these telescopic wool dusters are a great dusting solution and simple to clean; shake then twirl the duster head handle between your hands to spin the dust from the wool. Reach out and get one (or more!) now.

Say adiós to those corner cobwebs once and for all.

Telescopic & Angling Lambswool Dusters.

All models come complete with a telescoping pole, angle connector and telescopic wool duster head.

Telescopic Duster Poles, Parts & Duster Care.