Why Wool?


A Better Way
to Dust.

For centuries, natural wool has been continuously used as the premium dust-magnet material for one reason, because it’s Still the Best – Naturally. There’s nothing revolutionary about the amazing dust-grabbing qualities of wool – it’s actually evolutionary, straight from Mother Nature’s incredible design. The quality and performance of wool dusters has proven timeless. That’s why so many folks come back to the better way to dust. They choose wool dusting products because they work better and do the job faster, and they last for generations.

If you’re environmentally conscious, then like us, you’re not into the “revolutionary” idea of “whiffing” your home clean using sheet after sheet of non-biodegradable, synthetic, plastic throwaway dusting pads filled with chemicals. They may seem convenient, but at what cost to the environment – and your wallet? We encourage you to “Dust Responsibly” and consider using environmentally friendly dusting products like those available at the Wool Shop. Be good to the world, do a better job cleaning, and Dust Responsibly. We think it’s the right thing to do.


The Miracle Fiber.

Wool is a natural fiber that has an abundance of unique attributes. The physical make-up of wool fiber is so complex it can never be duplicated or imitated by man-made synthetic processes. At the Wool Shop, we adhere to strict quality standards to assure the wool we use is of the highest quality for all Wool Shop products.

Wool is a natural fiber that’s so complex it can never be duplicated or imitated by a synthetic process in a factory.  But there’s a reason those throwaway, plastic and microfiber dusting products try to imitate the characteristics of wool – because there’s nothing better than natural wool dusters for safely, efficiently and easily removing dust from your home.  Wool combines natural lanolin and microscopic overlapping scales that make it the world’s best dust-attracting fiber.  Use your Wool Shop duster, love it, then give it a shake and a spin and it’s ready to go again.  Simple as that.

The Science of Nature Leaves Others in the Dust.

Amazing Dust-Grabbing Ability.

The cuticle layer is the outer part of the wool fiber and is composed of hundreds of microscopic, overlapping scales.  Tiny pockets between the scales naturally trap and hold dust particles.  This amazing feature of nature, combined with our attention to quality craftsmanship, is what makes wool shop dusters famous for their dust-grabbing ability.

The Epicuticle is a thin protective film covering the cuticle (scales) which makes the wool fiber more resistant to abrasion. Wool Shop dusters can be used on the most delicate of surfaces.

Scratch Resistant.

Extremely Durable.

The Cortex is the main inside layer of the fiber that composes 90% of the fiber mass. Because of the amazing cable-like strength of the Cortex each wool fiber is so elastic and resiliEnt that it can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking or damaging the fiber. When you think long-lasting durability, think Wool Shop dusters.

Know The Difference.

Wool Shop Dusters

Made By Hand.


Organic Fibers.

Made In The USA.

Buy It For Life.

No Refills Needed.

Heirloom Quality.


Family Business.


made by machine

environmentally bad

synthetic materials

made where???

buy repeatedly

refill after every use


sits in a landfill

big corporations