Commercial Dusters

Commercial Products

Carefully selected for their thick, super-soft, dust-busting lambswool our Premium Commercial dusters are designed for the tough jobs. Made with a durable plastic handle for added cleanliness when used for janitorial and commercial cleaning applications. Thousands of soft, dense lambswool fibers act as a magnet to naturally attract and hold dust particles without the use of cleaning chemicals.

Easy to Clean: Shake the duster to remove the dust. Brush and fluff the fibers using our Wool Shop Duster Care Brush.

20" Duster
28" Duster
30-44 Telescopic Lambswool Duster
32-60 Telescopic Duster

20" Lambswool Duster
Model #PH20

Price: $7.99

28" Lambswool Duster
Model #PH28

Price: $8.99

30" to 44" Telescopic Lambswool Duster
Model #PHS1

Price: $11.99

32" to 60" Telescopic Lambswool Duster
Model #PHD2

Price: $12.99

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